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Special Female Force [CANT]


This movie is available in:

genre: Action, Comedy

running time: 105

release date: 13 Oct 2016

Consumer Advice: For 18+ with elements for mature audiences (violence, horror, sex, politics, religion, counter-culture)

Starring: Eliza Sam, Jeana Ho, Joyce Cheng, Cathryn Lee

Synopsis: 25 years ago, a group of female agents went undercover in a five-star hotel in Bangkok to investigate international terrorist, Gu Zhi Jin. An accidental explosion at the hotel killed many of the female agents except the leader, Madam Fong, as well as Gu. In present time, Madam Fong meets a group of girls and trains them as her apprentices. She is now on a mission to capture the terrorist she missed 25 years ago.

Distributor: TGV PICTURES

Directed By: Wilson Chin

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